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This is the true story of two small American cities — Taylorville, Illinois and Morgan City, Louisiana — where the air, water and soil were fouled by coal tar. About how two governors and their agencies in the late 1980’s allowed corporate polluters to spew contaminated dust over these picturesque communities. What followed was an epidemic of a rare childhood cancer — neuroblastoma— that swept through both communities.


Told by a private investigator who dedicated years to finding truth, this story details the political and legal struggle to expose how corporate greed, operating in the shadows of the two state capitals, influenced government policies . . . how corporate polluters and state agencies engaged in collusion and cover-up in an effort to obscure the truth after the damage had been done to the environment, affecting young children, teens, adults, and even animals.

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Kindle E-Book - Coal Tar: How Corrupt Politics and Corporate Greed Killed America's Children